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Cardiac arrhythmia is one of the leading cause of ill-health in the Western World and most of the Developing Countries including the South East Asian and Middle Eastern population. Symptoms vary from person to person and the extent of life impact varies from person to person. In some cases certain prolonged arrhythmias can affect the overall heart performance if left untreated. There are certain rhythm disturbances that can lead to sudden death. Fortunately these forms are less common than the more common frequent and disabling attacks of palpitations and other related symptoms. Most people experience these symptoms without ever knowing they have an underlying condition which in some cases, can be easily attenuated by newer available techniques . Despite being a major health problem, arrhythmia causes, prevention, and treatment are poorly recognized or misunderstood.

In AVA health we 


  • Specialize care in Heart Rhythm management

  • Provide specialised consultation on arrhythmia related topics for individuls and health care professionals.

  • Promote a healthy lifestyle with mindful diet, execersie and engaging in weight loss programmes.

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