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"He carried out my procedure with total professionalism. He explained what was about to be done. It went very well and he ensured that I was well whilst in recovery. Very good indeed. At my follow up appointment he explained exactly what he had performed in the procedure. I couldn't have wished for anything better"


"Dr Arujuna spent some time explaining my options for my SVT during out first consultation, ensure that I understood the options and any associated risks. He also explained his preferred procedure and why he believed this was my best option. I was made to feel completely comfortable with the procedure and how it would work. During the procedure (catheter ablation) Dr Arujuna addressed me by my first name and I felt very at ease and confident with our conversations."


Dr Aruna Arujuna is a consultant cardiologist and electrophysiologist specialising in the care and treatment of Atrial Fibrillation and other Heart Rhythm Disorders.

Annually he carries out a high volume of procedures. In 2022 he was accorded the  SVT Pioneers Award by the Arrhythmia Alliance in recognition of his work.

He is active in the heart rhythm field both nationally and internationally contributing via the Heart Rhythm Society (US), peer reviewing abstracts and manuscripts and participating in scientific conventions.

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